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Source: Székely National Council

We, the participants of the Grand Székely Assembly, held on March 15, 2006, in Székelyudvarhely (Transylvania), bearing full awareness of our historical responsibility for our children and grandchildren, hereby appeal to the State of Romania, to the European Parliament, to the European Union, to the United Nations, and to the people of the world.
We, the inhabitants of historic Székelyland and the Székely settlements, state that:

  In the 1919 Minority Treaty of Paris, Romania, together with the Allied and Associate Powers guaranteed autonomy rights to the Székely people. - Today, by a reference to the Constitution, we are forbidden even from holding a local referendum for the creation of a Székely autonomous administrative region.

According to the Vienna Declaration of the 1993 United Nations Conference, all people have the right for self-determination end subsidiarity - including the Székely people.

The European Parliament calls for protective measures for the Hungarians of Transylvania, including the Székelys, corresponding to the principles of self-government end subsidiarity - the Romanian authorities, however, refuse to take this into consideration. We, the inhabitants of historic Székelyland and the Székely settlements, express that:

We no longer want to live in defencelessness and subordination.

Based on the historical traditions, territorial autonomy is our ancient right. Without this right we cannot survive in our homeland, therefore we shall never give up this right.

We fight for our basic collective human rights with democratic means, and we expect immediate, democratic solutions.

We, the inhabitants of historic Székelyland and the Székely settlements, demand:

Autonomy for Székelyland - Freedom for the Székelys!

On December 1, 1918, the Gyulafehérvár Grand National Assembly's Decision proclaimed complete national freedom to all nations living together - we demand that this promise be kept!

The Romanian Parliament and Government should fulfil the international responsibilities they have taken and provide for the real and effective equality of the autochthonous Székely community in its homeland.

The Romanian Parliament should ratify the Székelyland Autonomy Statutes.

According to the 1334/2003 Resolution of the European Council, the "nation state" concept included in the Constitution is outdated, and shall not be an obstacle to local autonomy - yet the authorities deny the re-establishment of Székelyland autonomy referring to the "nation state" clause. We demand that the term "nation state" be erased from the Constitution.

The European Union should remedy the deprivation of our collective rights that came to pass 86 years ago, and make the creation of the Székely autonomous administrational region the condition of Romania's accession.

The United Nations Organization should supervise the establishment of the autonomous status of Székelyland.

Székelyudvarhely, March 15, 2006.

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