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3. Methods of Holocaust

The "Freezing Weeks"

While the Germans and the Hungarians executed the partisans one by one in accordance with the international articles of war that ambushed and attacked the Hungarian and German soldiers from lofts, the Serbian partisans broke with the long procedures the people to be executed were 10 times more.

The torture, the killings and massacres

Their victims were bound with wire by tens or by twenties. The Hungarians were lined up in front of a common grave dug in advance. Then they were shot down by machine pistol or by machine gun from the back. This was easier solution that the Hungarians - with death wound on their napes - should fall in their final tomb at once. Then it was necessary only to cover them with soil.

It seems that the Serbians had plenty of wires. They spared their munitions. 15-2O Hungarian men were bound. They were lined up around a straw-stack last two men in the right and left sides of the line were strongly bound with wire. When the ring was fixed the straw-Stack was lit. The bound men impeded each other in escape. All of them were burnt away. Where they had enough time, the Serbian communist partisans deprived the selected Hungarian victims from all their twenty finger nails with pinchers- Their thirst of revenge was better filled if they heated previously the pinchers in a near smithery. It also happened that in the smithies the Serbian farriers drove horseshoes into the naked sole of the Hungarians. Not every Serbian could endure the horrible sights. Some of them vomited themselves during forced fulfilment of the command.

The "Freezing Weeks" were The revenge of Tito´s partizans, when they brutally massacred 40.000 hungarian civilians in 1944/45

Partisan women took part in these atrocities in large numbers. Hungarian Roman Catholic priests and friars who got into their hands received particular attention! In most cases they were undressed. First a cross-shaped strap was cut out from the-skin of their back. For the sake of more hardened partisan women the sexual organs of the priests were taken care. Mostly their testicles were torn by pinchers. There was such a woman in these partisan units who stamped on these naked catholic reverends, mashed their loins.

The "Art of Execution"

In one of the villages, in Bezdan, Hungarian men, driven to a sport ground were searched in order to find guns. In the pocket of a boy who was 11 years old an empty cartridge was found. The ,,guilty" boy was placed to the middle of the empty ground. A touching mine was fixed to his leg. The explosive cartridge bound to the leg of the child was shot until it exploded and tore the owner of the legs and the cartridge.

The sawmills also gave possibility to use new methods of killing the Hungarians. Hands and legs were cut by sawing - machine and the tortured Hungarians died as martyrs with violent and long pain! It also happened that chopping trunks into firewood gave the sample for the execution. It happened that whole family of the Hungarian owner of the sawmill was bound in front of the saw-blade and the members of the family were torn in two by the sawing-machine started.

Impalement (palo inponere) was used not only in the Roman Empire but also appeared in penal practice of the 17th century. It was introduced again in the extirpation of the Hungarians by the Serbian partisans to Vajdaság and Bácska under the protection of the Soviet Army. In order to see clearly the inhuman and bestial revenge, let's study the method of impalement used by the Serbian partisans: The bark of the 3 meter long oak a pale was removed. If there was enough time a sharp iron was fixed by smithies to its pointed tip. The naked pale was made greasy by oil. Well in advance a narrow hole was dug into which the “Fitted" pale would be placed. A stick with short halve was the part of the preparations1 too.

The Hungarian to be executed was got down into prone position. A loop of rope was cast on both of his ankles and two partisans were pulling his feet in two directions. The executioner fitted the tip of the iron-bound stake into the anus of the unlucky fellow, then he gripped the stake and started to hammer the end of the stake to the aimed direction first with gentle hits then more and more strongly. Initial screaming of the Hungarian turned into creaking when the stake reached the level of shoulder blades. At that time the executioner directed the stake a little bit to the right so that the tip should come out from the body of the unlucky man bursting the skin of the collar-bone. At this moment the thick bottom of the pale was placed into the hole. It was the triumph of the Serbian crowd of spectators enjoying the execution if the miserable impaled person was sighing for hours and the desperate beatings of his heart would be seen on his chest while the dug earth absorbed the blood running from his body.

According to the memory vitéz Ferenc Szombathelyi, the chief of staff of the Hungarian royal army was executed in this manner who was delivered to the Yugoslavian communist government under communist pressure by Zoltán Tildy, reformed priest who was the Prime minister collaborating with the communists from the Small-holders' party and who was called "murderer in cloak" by the Hungarian people.

The - Cold Days - of 1944 in Vojvodina

The "Cold Days"

According to Hungarian statements, the number of Serbian loses caused by Hungarian forces and ultra nationalist fascist "nyilas" forces, were approximately about, 300 persons. Among them were mostly Serb communists, nationalists, including Jews.

Some of these Hungarian "nyilas" forces, were later, "punished" (see executed) by the Serbs. Those days are known and called as the "Cold Days".

"Cold Days", has been followed, by the "Freezing Weeks".... and these were longer, much longer...

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